Some of our short films & videos.

Taken for Granted (November 2017) - An aspiring author is so blinded by his ambition to become a successful writer, he neglects the emotional and physical needs of his wife. Or could his actions be intentional? Inspired by By HENRIK IBSEN’S A Dolls House.

Control (February 2017) - When Natalie's request for the TV controls is rejected by her father, a heated discussion develops as Natalie explores her fathers need to control everything in his life...even the dog! Just as her father is dismissing her and her bullish attitude she... Well you'll have to watch it to find out.

The Visit (January 2017) - Things aren't always what they seem. Or are they?

'ain't so funny now!'  Someone's in for a surprise, but who?

As The Crow Flies Trailer - The trailer for 'As The Crow Flies', a short film created to promote a medieval reenactment group - The Companions Of The Crow.

Marvel - A sketch about Santa, the original 'super hero', having an existential crisis in the run up to Christmas 2015.

Nobel Prize - A sketch about a pair of scientists, who have made the discovery of the century but could it be as dangerous as it is ingenious?

The Negotiator - A short film based on a story by Milton Redman, starring Stu Jackson as 'Michael Walters' and Paul Dawkins as 'The Negotiator'.

Toast - A typical scene at breakfast time in the 'Klingfilms' canteen, especially when we're down to our last piece of bread. Toast anyone?